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Lecture 5

EAS396H1 Lecture Notes - Lecture 5: Christmas Bird Count, Chinese Typewriter, Predictive Text

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East Asian Studies
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Wen- Ching Sung

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EAS396 Lecture 5
Ethnicity and Nation-Making
Wh is Mullae’s ie of ethiit idetifiatio projet i Chia?
Are the  ethi groups pre-eistig atural kid? Wh ad h ot?
Identification Project reduced from 400 to 56 ethnic groups
o some categories are created by the social scientists
o language would make it no pre-existing
o he does’t sa it’s pre-existing because they are not that simple
o he also sas it’s ot sietifi or ojetie or eutral
o we cannot say the ethnicity project is to discover the pre-existing categories because
some categories are purposed by social scientists
Discovery vs. Construction
Similarities and differences between taxonomy and ethnicity classification?
o taxonomy = groupings of species based on how they evolve
o species have a clear distinction that they can reproduce and the taxonomy is based on
functions and environment
o In taxonomy there is also a debate about certain kinds of species as well and how does it
reflect human perspective and true evolution history?
Imagined community
o Who is Japanese? What is Japan?
o Natio as a iagied ouit
issues of representation e.g., Miss Japan
inclusion and exclusion
the center and the boundaries of a community
o coined by anthropologist Benedict Anderson in his book Imagined Communities:
Reflections of the Origins and Spread of Nationalism
a nation is an imaged community
national consciousness involves a process by which the nation comes to be
imagined, modeled, adapted and transformed
Vehicles of Imagination
o maps
e.g., Taiwan is included in China but in Taiwan, they are not included
o census
the outcome of the census helps us to imagine the community in this society
e.g., Canada is diversified because we have a census
in China, identification project helps us know about 56 ethnicities in China
o museums
o mass media
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