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Ecology & Evolutionary Biology
Jennifer Carpenter

Volunteer notetakers needed Prof: Jennifer Carpenter  Writing Centres A midterm MC, try and phrase them so you don't have to memorize long lists of facts and phrases, more about understanding the concept than memory. 16 short questions, 100-200 words each, free to ask questions, write short talk for news article and longer and detailed news piece when scientists come to our class. You hand that in and will be marked for facts, interesting and make sure to get all the information on that day. You won't get in contact with them again. Somebody comes and talks to you and you write it down. You can just go to twitter and see type of things they write. it will be 140 characters and don't have to use twitter. Press Conference will be announced it is in the schedule. It will be after the midterm and it is in the course detail. Will give a week or two weeks to do so. Today- finish where we left off • Artificial Selection- how Darwin said you can select breed and cross breed them. select certain individual and breed them to change them. It is naturally occurring in the wild. The principle of population Lecture 3: Evolution by means of natural selection • Darwin's thought: all lives on earth changes from single species takes long time and branches through natural selection. Evolution: you have change in species and little at a time. it is something that happens very quickly and something that happens very slowly. • Viruses for example happens very quickly • Evolution is heritable change over time Natural Selection: imagine you have a mammals descending from elephant looking from south. the climate at some point got much warmer, they spread through Europe. then suddenly, temperature dropped and southern europe got cold. imagine this one individual that was able to stay warmer, the energy saved to get more females. (Brown furry one) he will leave more offspring than other one. it happens again again and again. the population will get more hairy. Some individual will produce greatly in a population than some, will leave more descendants. • He is more "fitter" than othe
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