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Ecology & Evolutionary Biology
James Eckenwalder

Experimental Taxonomy • Genecology: o Began with Bonnier (swiss ecologist) ß tried to show that alpine species came out from lower species via environmental selection § proved this via experiment: took lower elevation plants and placed them to alpine location and he came back in a year and saw that the plants had turned into the closest alpine relatives § no one gives credit to this because think that the lower elevation plants probably just died off and Bonnier just took the closest relative and used it in his experiment o point of experiment was that it initiated reciprocal transplantation (placing plants in different location) o reciprocal transplantation: shows that plant in different environment grows differently § question is that is difference in plants genetically different (locally adapted) or is it because of different environment in which they’re growing o Turesson o ecophene o ecotype o ecospecies o coenospecies o comparium o CKH (Clausen; Keck; Hiesy) } each looking at different things § all three hired by Clements § Chaney This is movement to dessert area (geo) § looked for wide-spread perennial plants ú esp. look for Potentilla and Achillea plants § particularly interested in translocation of moisture (first mountains more moisture to less moisture and then ver
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