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Ecology & Evolutionary Biology
James Eckenwalder

Lecture 7Ending of Last lecture Aztec example summaryUnaffiliated folk generic essentially equivalent to monotypic taxon a single taxon with one or more above or below it basically single species ex Ginkgo treeits a monotypic family and order and sometimes even classVertical and horizontal polysemytypes are fixed names o ex tree is the word used for Oaks so really its a type of tree o Aztec example canauhtli water systemcanal canauhtli duck canauhtlicanauhtli is word for duck depending on where youre living it will refer to the duck type of your areathis is an example of horizontal polysemy one word for all species o Horizontal polysemy is also called homonymy o Vertical polysemy is typificationSynonymysame organism has more than one name o sanctioned synonymFrom Aztec example Hernandez saw a lot of synonymy o ex iztac pahtliwhite medicineused for a lot of different plantsepithetculturally significant plants would be generally named with a trinomialfor Aztec society it was multinomials and typically named after whatever you get out of it o ex etlbeansall different bean plants are draw the same even the pods but each of the kind of bean has different beans are different which is what the bean would be calleddifferences in whole plant were ignoredFamilies mentioned o Umbelliferal and labiatae families broken up in different ways o in folk biological system each plant has its own folk generic name which was carried on in scientific classification o so its not just name and family but how theyre split upThree authors in GreekRoman world that were the direct root of scientific classification system lye with these three authors o Theophrastus greekplants in general
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