Lecture 1: Introduction

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University of Toronto St. George
Ecology & Evolutionary Biology
Rowan Sage

EEB340H1January 6 2012 Introduction material up until reading week is on vegetative morphologysecond half of course is reproductive morphologyexams are short essaysfirst exam must be done in 5 hours start to finish no study aids o receive the exam on Wednesday and turn it in on Fridaylabs complement the lectures no assignments to hand inlab exams are power points30 slides one hour o What is this species This structure What is its functionAntilab will have lab material slides etc for review and study purposesExams are not cumulative distributions of land masses have huge influence on climateinfluence on evolution of land plants st middle Ordovician period1 evolution of land plants o one large land mass had huge influenceaffected glaciation o CO2 levelsFirst fossil record shows there were likely key critical structures for first evolution of land plants o Cuticle reduces water loss and UV damage decreases microbial decary o Spore wall contains sp
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