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Jeffrey Kopstein

D EPARTMENT OF E CONOMICS U NIVERSITY OF T ORONTO ECO100Y5Y (L0301 & L6001) – Introduction to Economics F ALL 2012 M ONDAY 3-5 PM L0301 IN IB110 M ONDAY 6-8 PM L6001 IN KN 137 M ICHAEL H O OFFIC: K263 O FFICHOURS: M ONDAY5:05– 5:55POR M ONDAY8PM BY APPOINTMENT EMAIL: [email protected] COURSD ESCRIPT:ON This is a survey course with emphasis on the basic concepts and techniques of macro- and microeconomic theory. The concepts introduced will include: national income and its determination; monetary and fiscal techniques; the derivation and use of supply and demand schedules; the theory of the firm; and principles of comparative advantage and foreign exchange fluctuations. REQUIRETEXTBOO: C.T.S. Ragan and R.G. Lipsey, Economics, Thirteenth Canadian Edition, Pearson 2010. COURSA SSESSME:TS i-Clicker In-class Questions 5% Test #1 October 19 (Friday) 15% Test #2 November 30 (Friday) 15% Test #3 February 15 (Friday) 15% Final Examination April Final Examination 50%iod Students must attend the lecture section that they register or their in-class (i-Clicker) questions will receive a zero mark. Tests (start at 8am for 50 minutes on the scheduled dates and your location will be announced in due course) are non-cumulative, but the Final Examination is cumulative. Re-read of any Test will be granted if it is written in pen and the request submitted in writing with specificity within one week after it has been returned to the class. Please be advised that the marker will re-read and re-grade the entire Test, which may result in upward or downward adjustment. Page 1 of 3 POLICY ON M ISSED ASSESSMENT : According to university policy on missed assessment (Test) is as follows: “Students who miss an assessment be assigned a mark of zero for that assessment unless they satisfy the following conditions: Students who miss an assessment for reasons entirely beyond their control may, within one week of the missed assessment, submit to the instructor in person a written request for special consideration explaining the reason for missing that assessment, and attaching appropriate documentation,” such as the University of Toronto Medical Certificate that you can download from the Registrar’s web page. If an assessment is missed due to illness and I receive the University of Toronto Medical Certificate within one week that states: (1) your name and student number and (2) that you were examined and diagnosed at the time of illness either shortly before or on the day of the assessment or immediately after (i.e. the next day), then you may be eligible for alternative arrangement stated in this Course Outline. Note the following two university policies: (1) A statement from a physician that merely confirms a report of illness and/or disability made by the student is not acceptable. (2) A student who misses any assessment cannot subsequently petition for late withdrawal from the course on the grounds that he or she has had no term work returned before the drop date. Students can only miss one Test. A zero will be assigned (regardless of reason) to students missing a second or third Test. Students missing a Test due to medical or other legitimate reasons and have submitted valid supporting document within one week of the missed Test will be required to write a comprehensive makeup test (which covers all three Tests) on March 22 in the afternoon (exact time and venue to be announced later). No allowance will be made for any possible time conflict and no exc
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