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Harold Innis What did he try to do? What type of legacy did he leave behind? Why we tend to follow his approach to understanding ECO history rather then others. What are the strengths and advantages? Outline: Harold InnisHis background, his method and the way we approach ECO history using his ideas. College was named after Inniswhy was he so interesting & important. First thing to say about any author or any system of thought, is that it is usually a child of the time. Anybody who writes whatever they write and use theoretical ideas. Grows out of a certain climate element of challenge and so in that since every new set of ideas comes from an existingand every set of ideas will be challenged eventually, so it is a moving or growth of ideas. Innis was born in a small townjust outside of Toronto. Grew up in a very religious household. He was Baptist and went to a Baptist school. Later in life he distanced himself from He had a wide range of interest, he came with this promising idea, that what affects the modern world is the methods of communication. He didnt live to see television because he did in 1952, but he would have said, TV, email, Iphone and all of that, shapes and reshapes modern day in a distinct way. As a result of Innis work, other theoriest Marshal McClewansaid the median is the message. He said those who do well on TV are quite another words those who do well on TV are the ones who are low key. Whereas , the Radio, your voice comes out with a punch, this kind of shrill. As far as Canada was concerned, Alberta in the 1930s, had radio for the first time, and a preacher every Sunday morning at 10am came on, he was Bible Will Abrahart. Canada was in the middle of a depression. Through the Power from the new Radio to which everyone listened, he became popular. It was a median for a shrill penetrating message. People said to him, well stop preaching so much for God because nobody has a job. He saw people needed welfare, jobs, clothing & etc. so he went into politics. One season, he was so popular; he was elected as Premier of Alberta. His name is William Abrahart and is referred to as Bible Will. MaClewan would have said, this is an example of how a certain kind of messageRadio, delivereds a popular politician, with a great deal of power and a great deal of audience. Back to Harold Innis:
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