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Sarah Caskey

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Lecture 5
- Prairie realism writing defines/reflects and creates the region
o“Reassessing Prairie Realism” article
- Wedding Gift – Tomas Raddall:
- Individuals have to deal with cultural changes weather = antagonist?
- Recalls “Lazybones” + “Field of Wheat” for gender reversals
- Contrast of developing pragmatism of new world set against over – ______ of old
- Kezia introduced after setting
oBuried under all setting (snow)
Foreshadow of importance of snow and setting for outcome of
oRepetitions of “enough” (sufficiency or insufficiency)
Kezia’s isolation from society (culture difference)
Kezia also literally has had enough with her life at Barclay’s and
wants more
She has reason to have had “enough”
- 3rd person narration – sympathetic to Kezia – imitating Mrs. Barclay’s way of
speaking; therefore, sarcastic
- Stuff bestowed on Kezia; things aren’t hers: education, religion clothes, husband
- Mr. Barclay – belittles Kezia and assumes she’s good suitor for Mr. Hathaway
because she would “cooperate”
- Parallels between Hathaway and Kezia
oHathaway – shipwreck is economically good for him (salvage for goods)
oKezia – salvages for a new life through shipwreck
- Kezia’s transformation – “meek”, “little”, “orphan” but spoke up
- Initially watches others ride horses and later adopts her way of riding a horse, like
a man
oAuthority over Mr. Mears
oAuthoritative commanding, competent, decisive, manipulative, etc…
Practical – gives shawl to Mr. Mears, does his moccasins for him,
tie-and-ride, etc.
- “Bundling” = solution
oIn morning, Kezia brings up consequences to that
Wrong (social consequences)
- Exchange between Kezia and Mr. Mears:
oMales propose, yet Kezia proposes first
- Bottom of page 95 – resume the path
- More opportunity for Kezia with Mr. Mears than Mr. Hathaway
oMr. Mears (pg. 96)
Help-mate in wilderness
Mr. Hathaway – at home wife (domestic)
- Surprise ending: Wedding Gift = tinderbox
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