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ENG215H1 Lecture Notes - Peripheral Vision, Lyric Poetry, The Lonely Goatherd

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Sarah Caskey

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10:54 AM
Lisa Moore - "The Lonely Goatherd"
Carl thinks of the women he sleeps with as body parts, and he does with Anita
oBut they are personal now, invoked by Anita's art and …?
Reference to Signal Hill (landmark in St. John's)
oSH is where the first transatlantic wireless transmission was received.
oListing of highly personal objects - beer bottles, burnt matches…
Public landmark amidst personal objects.
Entanglement between characters and …?
Shows the connection between Carl + Anita.
Underlying theme: is Moor commenting on the denaturing effects of our culture
and how difficult it is to find something real and original? (with all these major
oDifficulty that modern couples confront?
Also a story of Newfoundland and Moore is against writing about the stereotype
of Newfoundland being this rural, quaint, innocent place.
oCarl is an example of a character just moving through Newfoundland (?).
oHans (German tourist that Anita sleeps with)
Newfoundland is not static, it's changing.
But Hans is a total stereotype himself.
Reminds us of the danger of creating stereotypes. He's
reduced to a generic sentence.
Think about how we consider "regional writers" - Lisa Moore challenges the
stereotypes but also includes all the elements.
oIssues of relationship, alienation, distance - she explores these ideas in
modern relationships.
Michael Redhill - "Human Elements"
Russell can be read as a funny sort of character, even though the introduction
is serious.
Reflects on poets that felt lonely and needed to commune with nature.
Russell surrenders himself to his depression - dramatic context he places on
oHe sees the hope - sun rising earlier, children playing, etc.
oHis poetic disposition allows him to pick up on these signs.
437: Leaves poetry, but he would have continued suffering for it.
oLeaves his apartment and goes to the cabin to try and start writing
poetry again.
Poets enterprise to enter nature to stimulate his ability to write
He appreciates his loneliness, feels comfortable - but doesn't feel
spurred on to write poetry. That feeling comes with the arrival of other
439: inversion of Russell's expectations - human activity helps him, not nature.
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