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ENG220Y1 Lecture Notes - Saxo Grammaticus, Atomism, Humus

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Elizabeth Harvey

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Richard Burbage as first Hamlet
Swan Theatre
audience: ME-15 audiens. ME audenes, audyence....
source material: Saxo Grammaticus - History of the Danes
where is identity and how do you found out who person really is
Gertrude: Good Hamlet.... Hamlet: These but the trappings and the suits of woe
can fake appearance, actor on stage, pretend
Augustine’s Soliloquia
soliloquy: Latin soliloqium, talking to self
St Augustine and philosophy
Hamlet’s soliloquy (1.2.129-59)
contemplating death, suicide, upset
Hamlet: What is a man.... (
2.2.301-06 what a piece of work is a man... paragon synonym of quintessence (class)
human beings and dust
human - humus, adam - adamah
God puts together human with dust
Hamlet: A man may fish but... (4.3.27-31) repeat dust reference
Atomism: similar to dust reference, everything made up of atoms -> fall apart
“Who’s there?”
question and answer
human questions themselves, ask about identity and choose among options
Monday, January 9, 2012
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