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ENG303H1 Lecture Notes - Pathetic Fallacy

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Even orpheus’ muse couldn’t have save from drowning
Apollo to speaker: fame is not on mortal soil… in heavens
Neptune and Hippotades (sea and wind) not fault, but the boat itself
Commemorating thorough questioning and trial of what happened, pathetic fallacy
Jesus as shepherd
Job of good minister supposed to be good and lead flock
Blind mouth wanting to be fed without looking
Grim wolf devours -> catholics
Two-handed engine image of judgement (Christ with people on right…), divine fury
Beautiful/tragic/romantic description of flowers, crying
Catalog of flowers expected in pastoral but making own version
BUT reality of death rushing in
Analogy of funeral… competition over who will do what in ritual
Milton like broody teen… doesn’t matter since he’s DEAD
Mastered Virgil, catalog of flowers, etc but doesn't matter
Dismissive of fakeness of ritual but also acknowledge what else could be done… artifice
to help get through day and give meaning
Johnson: poem is insincere, artificial
Language failing