ENG303H1 Lecture Notes - Vicegerent, Great Year, Moral Evil

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Published on 19 Mar 2013
Book 5
Raphael, angel appetite, need sustenance too… eats with Adam with real relish
Milton goes out of way to express materiality of angels
Acknowledges this doesn’t conform to orthodox understanding
Physical, material paradise with eating, sex, excrete
o 469O Adam, one Almightie is, from whom
o 470All things proceed, and up to him return,
o 471If not deprav'd from good, created all
o 472Such to perfection, one first matter all,
o 473Indu'd with various forms various degrees
o 474Of substance, and in things that live, of life;
o 475But more refin'd, more spiritous, and pure,
o 476As neerer to him plac't or neerer tending
o 477Each in thir several active Sphears assignd,
o 478Till body up to spirit work, in bounds
o 479Proportiond to each kind. So from the root
o 480Springs lighter the green stalk, from thence the leaves
o 481More aerie, last the bright consummate floure
o 482Spirits odorous breathes: flours and thir fruit
o 483Mans nourishment, by gradual scale sublim'd
o 484To vital Spirits aspire, to animal,
o 485To intellectual, give both life and sense,
o 486Fansie and understanding, whence the Soule
o 487Reason receives, and reason is her being,
o 488Discursive, or Intuitive; discourse
o 489Is oftest yours, the latter most is ours,
o 490Differing but in degree, of kind the same.
o 491Wonder not then, what God for you saw good
o 492If I refuse not, but convert, as you,
o 493To proper substance; time may come when men
o 494With Angels may participate, and find
o 495No inconvenient Diet, nor too light Fare:
o 496And from these corporal nutriments perhaps
o 497Your bodies may at last turn all to Spirit,
o 498Improv'd by tract of time, and wingd ascend
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o 499Ethereal, as wee, or may at choice
o 500Here or in Heav'nly Paradises dwell;
o 501If ye be found obedient, and retain
o 502Unalterably firm his love entire
o 503Whose progenie you are. Mean while enjoy
o 504Your fill what happiness this happie state
o 505Can comprehend, incapable of more.
Angels and humans are same in having rational reason, spirit is what divides man from
Angels more refined and nearer to God, man lower
Metaphor of plant, higher = roots->stalk->leaves->flowers, create odor that heavens
breathe but also breathe spirit matter of heavens… plant has different parts like
universe… still rooted in matter
Elemental matter, atomistic building blocks of God -> create similarity between man
and angel
Significance of idea of movement, ability to move up… “in bounds” -> pun, in limits and
leaping forward, tension of stationary and moving
Universe is fluid hierarchy, man sublimed in cosmic matter using language of
alchemy… turning baser substance into something better, transformation, idea of
Philosopher’s Stone (gold/immortality), man’s eternal life
winged ascend ethereal Eve wished for in dream
Man discursive reasoning vs angel immediate, intuitive
Raphael’s willingness to eat with Adam, unity of creation, gesture of condescension
Theodicy explaining origins of faith, framework, a vindication of the divine attributes,
particularly holiness and justice, in establishing or allowing the existence of physical
and moral evil
Faculties that man has to resist against Fall, man’s hunger for knowledge, tension
between hunger and logic
Raphael’s warning visit, way he chooses to express warning
How to poetically represent theological questions… tension in war, using it but
stylistically dismissive of impulse, beyond human comprehension… invention vs canon
519To whom the Angel. Son of Heav'n and Earth,
520Attend: That thou are happie, owe to God;
521That thou continu'st such, owe to thy self,
522That is, to thy obedience; therein stand.
523This was that caution giv'n thee; be advis'd.
524God made thee perfet, not immutable;
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