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Lecture 14

ENG365H1 Lecture Notes - Lecture 14: Nonlinear Narrative

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Only Revolutions
Exact centre converging time/space, relationship -> Hailey and Sam having
Situated between reader and text… interpretation and words on page
Subjectivity of reader
Open system
Visit from the Goon Squad
Pause makes you think song will end, song really isn’t over, so relieved. But then
song does end, and that time the end is for real…
Sasha to Drew, Lincoln’s obsession with pauses
Repeated references to music industry and music -> passage of time
Nostalgia, music taking back to time and place where first heard song
Music industry constantly changing, music makes us feel old…
Preserves time and reminds of passage of time
Moment of recognition, relief… when think song will end, relief in end of song
but also sad… miraculously song begins again
Possibility of comeback… Scotty, Bosco
Passing of time terrifies people, carries from A to B… cherished moment to not
Passage of time could help people recovering… possibility of C
It is in ourselves that we should find those fixed places… (memories, home)
Contemporaneous with different years (be part of us, exist and carry on with us)
We’re different and we remember… what that memory represented changes
with us
Nonlinear narrative, recognition of time passing
Earliest story Safari 1974
But other chapters (8, 12, 13) in far future, 2020s
Bennie Salazar and punk era of 1970s, death of Lou and Scotty’s fate in X’s and
O’s ruptures nostalgic vision
Gold Cure Bennie wistfully looking back
Charlie and memory of dancing with Rolph… looking back forever, but changing
name, Charlene, away from girl who danced with brother
Narrating in present, then future tense… inevitability… futurity.... future to come,
“will have been”
Desire to cling to special moment that know won’t last
Knowledge of Rolph’s suicide… moments never fully recoverable, altered
One who experiences it is different from one who remembers it
Playing with temporality, tense, speaker
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