ENG370H1 Lecture Notes - Kazuo Ishiguro, Jamaica Kincaid, Postcolonialism

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29 Jan 2013
Monday September 10, 2012
ENG370 Introduction
Office hours this week Thursday 4-5pm @ the Jackman Humanities Building, Room 832
Edward W. Said “Orientalism”
There has been a huge Said answering regarding the shortcomings of his work
o Many available critiques
Many writers have also emerged from his thinking expanding and
complementing his work
Only read introduction and chapter 1 for next week
Jamaica Kincaid “Annie John”
Writes about the Caribbean in a very critical way
Kazuo Ishiguro “An Artist of the Floating World
Grew up British but faced the stereotypes of being of Japanese decent
J.M. Coetzee “Disgrace”
About South African apartheid
Violent, descriptive, deals with severe racism often considered problematic to
Very ethical and careful writer prose is plain, simple, and direct
Joe Sacco “Palestine”
Writes about the ongoing situation in Palestine
Challenges the term ‘post-colonialism’
o 500 words
o Due week 4
o Worth 20%
o Journalistic feel to it
Essay Abstract
o 400-word outline of what you intend to write about
o Due in week 7
o To be work-shopped in class
o Worth 15% of your final grade
o 1800 words
o Submit a list of works cited: not to be included in your word count, no
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