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Jenny Kerber

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th Week 2.1 Tuesday January 15 , 2013 Pastoral Nostalgia and the Literature of Enclosure Eco-Critics  Nature’s positive but then is disrupted and intruded on by market consumption  In romantic era works, eco-critics tended to see a world-view that paralleled an environmental view from the 20 century o There has been a cost to over valuing economics  An idea that to help humanity get back on track with nature, we need to examine where we are  There is always a desire to discover where we want wrong o Scholars and designers try to pinpoint all the locations  Was it the invention of the steam engine?  The creation of empires? o Anytime we pick those points we are betraying our values Oliver Goldsmith’s “The Deserted Village”  Written in 1770  A poem of social critique  A shift from a feudal and collective system of social and economic relations to an individual and capitalist system  Represent the individual in starkly different ways  It’s very much a poem in the didactic o A poem that is trying to teach and instruct  A period of agricultural revolution o Radical changes going on in the English landscape fueling a consciousness and sensitivity to the environment  In this century, agricultural, like manufacturing, benefited from science and the increase of production o More food for animals, people, etc.  What brought about the massive migration from rural England to urban centres and the colonies? o Major advances in technology  More food, fewer labourers
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