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Lecture 4

Lecture 4 - Jan 18th.odt

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University of Toronto St. George
Marjorie Rubright

th Lecture 4 – Jan 18 - Shakespeare – 2.3.66-84 --> Bassianus describes Aaron as aboninable – What is the logic of Lavinia's appeal? – What ideas is Tamora's response to Lavinia grounded in? – What does the reape demonstrate about Tamora and her sons? – There is a threat coming from Tamora (revenge it as you love your mother's life/or be not called my sons) – there is a threat because of lineage ➢ Where does Shakespeare get his ideas? (Ovid Metamorphoses) ➢ Tereus & Procne marry in Thrace ➢ In Ovid, greeks are the homelad, the thracians are the barbarians who are outside the linguistic area of greece ➢ pg 145 he says he will protect philomel with a father's love, but then he ends up raping her? ➢ Tereus is an outsider ➢ When Lavinia says “confusion” - & in Ovid.....they say....”Now it is all confused” - this idea of confusion in the form of incest....because tereus takes philomela as a second wife at at the same time it's an exomogous marriage that he comes from thrace and not from greece. ➢ Tereu's rape of Philomel breaks the incest taboo ➢ Tereus is an outsider/barbarian in greek ➢ Philomel threatens to speak the crime that has been committed against her. ➢ Babbling --- Barbarians...the things that babble are barbarians (idea of Lavinia getting her tongue get off....only allows her to babble and not speak) ➢ Lavinia's encounters with Demetrius and Chiron are encounters with Barbarians. ➢ There[s a link between the mouth and wounded genitals. ➢ We need to read Ovid to understand the underlying meaning because Shakespeare can't stage everything (especially a rape) ➢ Procne (the sister) and Philomela discover the crime and it is Procne that desig
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