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Nick Mount

Lolita1958 legalised in CanadaThe stigma surrounding it naturally made it more famous Was on the bestsellers list in 58 and 59 it had been put on a secret list of novels circulated among customs officials to be banned when it was being imported from paris Then it began to be imported from America Child pornography law prohibit the representation of something that is in itself a crime Illegal for an adultover 18 to have sex with someone below the legal age for consent now 16 used to be 14 Close in age exception provided To have sex with a child while in a position of trustdoctors rabbis priests is also illegal child pornography is described as a film picture or written representation ofa person having sex who is under 18 or depicted as being under 18 When it comes to written material even to counsel sex or even hint at it as the dominant characteristic is illegal Until 2005 the law had an artistic defence clause the court shall fond the accused not guilty if the representation or written material that is alleged to constitute child pornography has artistic merit or an educational scientific or medical purpose Crim Code of Canada no person shall be convicted of an offence under this section if the acts that are alleged to constutuet the offence serve the public good and do not etend beyond what serves as the public good act to amend the criminal code prot of children and other vulnerable persons passed by the house of commons 2004 12 May It was revised and received royal assent 21 July 2005 it is not to be banned if it 1 has a legitimate purpose related to the admin of justice or to science medicine education or art or 2 does not pose an undue risk of harm to pe
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