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Symposium Lecture 2

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Suzanne Akbari

Lecture # 7 Symposium Cont Speeches go in the order of different points of view of love with truths people have expressed earlier being brought back Socratespg 37 hes here to tell the truth What is the truth? Two themes: Order and disorder and the nature of the divine his speech is a retelling of what someone told him about love, Diotima why does he tell a story that he himself that was already told? The story isnt about love but its about the REAL children of love before he begins his speech, he clears the ground pg 38-41 love always have an object and the thing you desire is necessarily something you dont already have he also reasons love and beauty and therefore love must need and lack beauty figure of truth pg 41truth is the thing that moves in between the questioner and the answerertruth is something like the divine and it can stand in the place of the divinehe focuses on the nature of the MIDDLE GROUND and mediation pg 43-44; love is in betweendivinity and humanity cannot meet directly and the solution is the mediation of love the thing that brings them together is rooted from philosophyDiotima refutes the concept of the other h
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