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Lecture 5

ENG202Y1 Lecture 5: Marie de France Continued

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Erin Parker

Lecture 5 What is the magicals womens motivation giving herself to the lenovaal? • We don’t know, we don’t even know anything about her except what she tells us • It kind of doesn’t really matter anyways bc its about the guy and his journey, not the womans ▪ How to name author • William shakepear – we just call him chakespear casually • Jane austen – call her austen • People do this all the time • In olden times, there was a bad habbit of caling w authors by their first name and m autors by their last name o We camm marie de france marie cos we don’t know her last name o Though you are suppose to call both by their last name ▪ If we don’t know fr sure what is in it for the magical women,doesn’t matter bc levonal is getting so much from her ▪ Lonnvol – fair unknown ▪ Hes in the middle of arthurs court and has many qualities but no one notices him and doenst know about his qualities ▪ Lonvol this lonvol that, now they are saying his name a lot to show how popular he is now • Hes doing all these kingly things • Shes giving him the means of reasourses to do those kingly things ▪ Queen notices lonvol • She says in 163 that she wants to be is lover ect • In courtly love the queen was the most important • All nobal women were very important and had so many men lined up for them • The queen had to be kind to everyone • She a mentor to them and was to see that they found suitable women • Also, they were the interstressor with the judge • The green was the judge • Wat she does by asking lovol is crossing many boudries – her place, loses her place as defender, becomes the counterwomen of lonvols woman • She baically kills her role as a wife and queen • She violets all the codes that she told people she was doing • Lovol also violates as he doesn’t want to sleep with the queen and tries to tell her not to betray his king therefore he is going against his queen, one who is more powerful • In turn the queen calls him gay in a very hetrosexual place and she hold this over his head and says that she will shame him basically • This is when he breaks his oath to the magical women and tells the queen he does have a women she loves • He either had the choice to break his promise or risk ruination and death, he chooses to defend his name • Gotten to the
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