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Koenig- Woodyard

Page 1 ENG202 Lecture 4 October 8 2013  Attendance was taken  If there is any questions about individual assignments, please ask the Prof. - A lot of medieval writings are religious. - Here we see less of that conflict as we move towards the Christian forms of religion. Hagiography - She talks about the suffering she goes through. - This text is dictated by her; to ascribe things much later in her life. There is complicated transition in the history. - First, this is a female pilgrim who engages in many different religious rituals. - While she narrates her life, she was last religiously developed. Living the life of sanctuary – she moved past that. - In Chapter 3 (p.70) she has vision that she wants to live a chased life and comes to the obstacle where she is obligated to fulfill the life. - Having children and pleasure is justified by god. - She also raises the point, by asking, about sexual organs – enjoying sex – having counter arguments. - He leaves, then when he becomes old and sick, he comes back to see her. This is an important aspect. - She denies both of their pleasures, so it is not a sacrifice (in a sense that she is giving up something she likes) Lollardy - It is important to note that she herself, like most other women during that period, was illiterate. - The command in both English and German – he puts up with the difficulty of the language. - He has much difficulty and feels bad. There is a suggestion that it is much easier than he remembers it to be so that he can make sense of this text. It is a miracle in itself that God enabled someo
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