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University of Toronto St. George
Greig Henderson

ENG205: Rhetoric Zen and theArt of Motorcycle Maintenance - culture-bearing book - few philosophical books have managed to enter the mainstream---this is it - aimed at both a popular and intellectual audience -deals with big issues - is reality constructed by language and culture? - deals with the big issues in an unpretentious ways - theme: what is relationship between philosophical thought and every day life? - planted in the tradition ofAmerican pragmatism - Thoreau, Burke, Emerson, etc. - it's unusual to find references to Plato/Aristotle/etc. in a popular book - however we get a history of philosophy in the book - critiques presented are neither complete nor authoritative--nor are they meant to be - recognition of centrality of rhetoric in every day life - integration of exposition and narrative - landscape is both physical and intellectual - e.g. in the high country, we are in the high country of the mind - complicated debates emerge amidst every day conversation - e.g. son asks for a ghost story--he talks about "mental ghosts" - formal reasoning must relate abstract though to practical activity - rhetoric is equipment for living - aims to unify theory and practice - this is also what Zen aims to do - not just understand the world, but change the world--and our attitudes towards it and ourselves - "having the right attitude is what's hard" - popular talk that aims to inform and entertain at the same time--a Chitakwa - author subjected to electroshock therapy - his former self eliminated in the process - in the book, he is trying to find the ghost of his past self - by multiplying information, science leads us away from absolute truths - the core of the book concerns how his abstract passion for finding the foundation of reason changes from a constant battle with bewildering paradoxes into a concrete practical approach to living - appearance vs underlying structure--this binary opposition outlines the whole book - key opposition between romantic and classical understanding - romantic lives on the surface - classic looks for underlying structure - posits the idea of "quality"--objectivity and subjectivity - subject, object, and quality - tries to build a rational superstructure on a mystical base - communicate that which is inexpressible - metaphor of motorcycle maintenance: - it's a nightmare for the romantic - technical for the classicist - study of motorcycle maintenance is the study of rationality itself - motorcycle is a mental phenomenon - brings an inner peace of mind - the essay is a kind of self-trial -ARETE: not just virtue, though often translated as that - also means excellence, skill, and prowess - doesn't have to work in the realm of values as well - metaphysics is good so long as it improves everyday life - must scrutinize ideas for their practical values - aim is to make good time--emphasis on "good" rather than "time" - Chitakwa has not survived--we no longer have time for it - Pirsig would argue that although we move at faster channels, our thoughts are less deep - Pirsig doesn't want to cut new channels of consciousness--he just wants to dig deeper into the old ones - not what's new, but what's best - best = inquiry into values - attempt to escape technology is futile - to be against techn
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