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Sarah Caskey

ENG215 Lecture 1 Short story definition: brief work of prose fiction less than 10,000 words Edger Allen Poe - 1842, 1846 wrote essays - Poe defined crow’s tale as a narrative read at one sitting from 1/2 hour to 2 hours and is limited to which every detail is subordinate - more than 1 effect - why limit how the short story works - sit for less than 1/2 hour? more than 2 hours? not a short story? - multiple strands on short stories - stresses what is limited in genre - more about what genre can’t do than what it can do - 1901 american writer followed up poe’s exposition and published philosophy of short story to justify poe’s points - only achieved to show SS is limited - emphasizing single effect, person, only solidified critical reaction to genre - anonymous review in newspaper: smaller, simpler, easier, less important form of novel - single elude or impression - elements reveal themselves on close reading - ex. resolution - 1964: story must have single concentration of purpose and 2-3 important scenes - expansiveness, depth, complexity, openness - contempor
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