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Sarah Caskey

The Closing Down of Summer- Alistair MacLeod - About endings and losses o End of summer- end of particular season  Season of joy  Its closing down, meaning something bad is going to happen o Marked at the beginning that it’s coming to an end o Common theme of death and loss  Everything is dying cuz of August heat  Narrator sees himself as caught btwn life and death  Awareness of the end of his own life o Ex. coffin waiting in grave for one more  End of their life possibly - End of way of life/tradition o Own sons won’t go down to the mining shaft o They will be far removed from physical life  Sons will go to school and only physical activity will be exercise  Gender based as it’s the sons that will go to university  The traditions that were being lost were normally upheld by men  University is gender inclusive so it includes daughters o Gaelic culture of which he’s born is being lost  Hope that the traditions won’t be r
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