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David Boring

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Andrew Lesk

11/15/11  Adams  Presents us with a vision that is far less comforting than messages we receive from traditional superhero comics  Truth serum – how truthful are we?  What is the social function of superheroes? What do they do for us? Do they have a role outside of comic books? o Social symbolism  How are superheroes “ideological constructions” in our own world? o Does this superhero ideology translate into the social realm?  Hopeful ambivalence  Adams is not only parodying Golden Age superheroes  Miller: superhero is no longer representative of popular consciousness o But a questioning of it o “superhero” is still around though  Ware: kills off superman (dysfunctional parent)  Cotter: transition out of the superhero phase, and mature  Adams: (almost) paradoxically deepens moral questions o No superheroes at all, becomes totally regular people DAVID BORING  David creates story o Involves a recovery of older narrative forms (3-act play, father’s comic) o David Boring itself is told in 3 acts o Uses his father’s comic to figure out his life  DB as about creating o David’s history and father’s history o Meditation of the act of creation itself  Clowes speaks to the making of art (the book itself) and the valuing of artifice over realism o The tension between artifice and realism o DB presents a realistic book o At the end, he just wants to talk about art o Artifice  Possibility? Believability o All the stuff that happened in BD is possible o But are they believable? o The tensio
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