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Lecture 3

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Mike Johnstone

JULY 10 , Lecture 3, ENG237H1 The text covers the lectures 3, 8, 10 July and the readings by Ashby, Chiang, and Dick. The test will begin at 2:15pm in AH 400. Two hours. Make sure you have a photo ID. Two parts: Part A (40 marks): Identifications. Sight passage from the short story, identify which passage and write a paragraph of each passage. Identify the author and title of the story, identify the POV and the speaker (not a narrator), discuss the context of the passage in the story, discuss how character or setting creates difference and propse what such difference can be a metaphor of. Part B (60 marks): Sight Passage analysis. Provide a slight passage from Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep. In proper essay format (introduction with thesis, body, conclusion), include the following elements: properly identify the point of view characters and/or the speakers, discuss the context of the passage in the novel, evaluate the role of technology in creating and reinforcing the dystopian condition of the novel. QUOTE AND ANALYZE! Use the slides as a guide. Passage will come from the slides. Part B may refer to other parts of the novel. Useful Beings, Being Useful: Value in Philip K. Dick’s Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? Kipple: garbage. If everything and everyone is on the way to useless, how do you decide what to keep and what to get rid of? Everyone leaves Earth because planet is radioactive dust and kipple. Shipping room where every merchandise had left. But it still becomes useful? Useful: “Of things, actions, practices, etc.: capable of being put to good use; suitable for use; advantageous, profitable, beneficial” (OED) “Twenty-eight… Judged by appearance, which, with andys, [is] the only useful standard” (Dick, 95) Useful by age. Less easy than Voigt-Kampff scale. “Of persons: having the ability or qualities to bring about good, advantage, or benefit; of use for some purpose; serviceable, helpful. Also of animals” (OED) Useful shows up two times. “The potent, strong fragrance of happiness still bloomed in him… dust impacted steps to the level beneath” (Dick, 203). Instead of calling aspecial, only special. Special is negative, but as an adjective that regains positivity. JR’s sense of humanity still exists. Mercer has the brain capability to give life, overlap with JR. Useful Beings: “A humaoid robot is like any other machine; it can fluctuate between being a benefit and a hazard very rapidly. As a benefit it’s not our problem.” (40) “In connection with this a weapon of war, the Synthetic Freedom Fighter… the mobile donkey engine of the colonization program.” (16). Androids, manufacture and role on Mars, escape support immigration to Mars. Economics come out as a pattern. Settlement on Mars is desolate, lovely, chain of loneliness, slavery. “— duplicates the halcyon days of the pre-Civil War Southern states! Either as body servants or tireless field hands… boldest adventure contrived by man in modern history will provide—“ (18) Not idyllic for everyone. Antebellum America. 5 or 6h th of founding of new America, settling of new colonies. Celebration of whole new kind. “In actuality it had probably been a manual laborer… On a fundamentally uninhabitable colony world” (184). Roy Baty is an object, gender pronouns and it. Attributes certain levels of human hood to Rachel Rosen, she. But changes quickly back to it. Owning an animal, bought goat, interactions with neighbors asked about Rosen’s owl is Scrappy, humans all dream of an animal. Even Isidore has a spider. Do androids dream of animals or something bigger? Some of them do take in animals. They want to dream something bigger, want to be Pharmacist instead of field. Treats him like an object. Luba Luft escapes in order to sing in the opera. Her role as a singer, is stark contrast of her work. Deckard has “had enough. She was a wonderful singer. The planet could have used her. This is insane” (emphasis added) (136). Talking about Luba Luft’s importance on Earth. Ekphrasis. Art. Luba represents, goes to Earth to be an Opera singer. Magic Flute. Puberty, by Edward Munch. The painting Luba is looking at when she is caught. Reminiscent of Rachel Rosen. “Rache’s proportions, he noticed once again, were odd; with her heavy mass of dark hair… the resemblance to adolescence en
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