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University of Toronto St. George
Alan Ackerman

ENG250March 5Kristen YoungWhos Afraid of Virginia WoolfEdward Albee y Adoption is a cultural concept of a family y Domineering women is a central theme y Importance of limits structure and form y Part of a new movement in drama toward the theatre of the absurd y The play is informed by and informs the broader cultural landscapeo Its a play that needs the cultural and social era of America that it was written into make senseoThe Cold War also has a symbolic aspect that is talked about in the play y Political comment on the corruption of American values y There is an aspect of the nature of allusion oThink about it in the face of the rise of mass culture in the 1950s60s y Allegory about the American nation in what sense is it a play about America y Saying its a myth doesnt mean its not trueoHave to look at the relation between the myth and history yDrama without a clear plot might be a good metaphor for life leaving the characters tomake themselves upoOur lives are like plays yApply theatrical gameplaying to a scene that seems naturalistic and realistic ratherthan in a more overtly avant gardeo Nick and Honey are like audience members on the stage and George and Marthaare the actorsoHoney is like the nave American public seems innocent but is complacent
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