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Whylah Falls

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University of Toronto St. George
Robert Mc Gill

23:59 March 3 2011 The Historical and the Pastoral The Epic vs. the Lyric Sequence Polyphony and the Florilegium Intertextuality: Varieties and Functions This Song is Canadian Literature The Adoration of Shelley and of Literature Gender Othello, Realisms, and Monochromatism It wants to bleed romantic nationalism with hybridity Whylah is both hybrid and romantic, and self respective poetry Look forward exile poem Preface: proem preface to book narrated by the position of an outsider (Xhaiver?) Humanized soil a home for someone Then the people have been affected by the soil reciprical relationship rootedness is emphaised Avacation of the Pastoral Originally a Greek form representing the lives of shepherdsoften depicted as amateur poets andor musicians Depicts simpe, idyllic rural life in which humanity and nature co-exist harmoniously Where are we in the 1930s? Town has a history but it is more a place of art, removed from history then one th of the anti-20 century gardens of no reference to dates Eg. Sir Phillip Sidney The Arcadia (late 16 century) Names in the book suggests intertexuality to writers: Pablo, Shelley, Pushkin multiallusion names The characters are artists and themselves as an art form Literary community how texts talk back and forth to one another in terms of artists and literary form How does the book relate hybridity to beauty? Different types of poetry here, ballads, haiku, sonnets Lyric Poetry Poetry with a single speaker, often foregrounds rhythm and repetition, often expressing intense emotion and often organized around a single theme Whylah Falls is an extended lyric book with many lyric voices Why does it have this form? Lyric sequence is a modern form, they left behind the epic
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