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Vikki Visvis

ENG252Y1LECTURE NOTESShort Stories by Austin Clarke and Dionne BrandMonday March 10 20141006 AMMarch 10 2014March 17 2014 Austin Clarkes Canadian Experience Countering the Multicultural MosaicThe term immigrant locks Black immigrants into specific groups acts as a political and social barriers forgetfulness of their former status back at home is present and instead they laugh or become depressed through this introspection They are laughing in reaction to the hostility from society they have arrived to Laughter connotes the idea of passivity not engaging necessarily in political movements have no choice but to laughLaughter becomes fatalistic The idea of the multicultural mosaic is critiqued as unviable even before he lives his home country of Barbados The desire to climb the social hierarchy gain a higher social status money and social mobility are important for the harmonious multicultural mosaic immigrants are promised money and mobility What aspires George to leave his home is the promise that he can gain social advancement in CanadaThe vertical cultural mosaiceach race and class is designated to certain levels in society the blacks greeks portuguese and italians are impoverished compared to the white immigrantsClarke argues thisThe mosaic is limited for George and he can only align himself with the poorer class that is determined by his skin colour and classThe story suggests that Blacks are excluded
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