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Lec 1 - Is Literature Dying in the Digital Age?

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Adam Hammond

9.10.2013 – Is Literature Dying in the Digital Age? "Is Google Making us Stupid?" - Nicholas Carr The world that we live in is dominated by the medium of the Internet, and it is actually changing out brains and the way we think. The best way we notice it is when we read a book. Trying to concentrate on long pieces serves as a window into what is going on in our brain. The technology comes first and the thought and kind of work that is developed comes after. Readers of the longer book are ones who cannot be distracted. They are active, engaged readers, who can practice deep readings. Readers in the web environment are incapable of forming rich connections, and are passive readers. They cannot deep read. The idea of deep reading is also very idealized because nobody's environment is completely free of distractions. Certain studies in 2011 proved that the Internet has an affect on memory: if something is available on the Internet, it will not be remembered. We have become completely reliant on the Internet, and when we have been deprived of it, it's like being deprived of a friend. But, people have been criticizing the development and progress in technology since the invention and existence of literature, through all four ages (the oral age, the manuscript age, the print age and the digital age). In fact, the invention of letters itself was contested to the extreme. Every argument that has been made about online reading has already been made about books in the past. Digital media is corporate based, and is dependant on ideas of profit. It is in companies' economic interest to distract us from one material to another. "Why Abundance is Good: A Reply to Nick Carr" - Clay Shirky Shirky argues with Carr that people don't read long books because they are
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