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As For Me and My House pt2

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Vikki Visvis

th Week of 5 Oct. 2010 Philip is a failed artist; he is confined to his own garrison, in part bc of poverty, and enters the church. He goesto endless Horizons, ironic as it confines rather than offers new opportunities, and cannotdoes not take initiative. He is the embodiment of the paralyzed artist, reflected also in Paul, who treats English as a dead language, always thinking about etymology instead of context and meaning. Philip progresses, painting prairies instead of Main streets, a source of inspiration taken away from him because of their move to the city. 2 hand bookstore they open in the end cannot produce own work, Canadian lit also second hand British lit. Philips future is bleak, because Horizon is not a nurturing ground for artists. B) Art as a Mode of Communication Philips sketches act his mode of communication; they reveal his emotions and exposedimensions of his character. (P201-2) I spread out a dozen of them on the table, then called him. Mrs. B displays his paintings and drawings. Points to himself as his own artworks audience, and an unappreciative one too. His art tells us smth about him. His more recurrent artwork is the sketch of main streets, and false fronts (P7). Sketching on back of sermon suggests the fundamental duality of his life. For Mrs. B, the false fronts represent Philips dual roles and presumed hypocrisy, Its not just the content, but also the aestheticsstylistics that concern her. (P23) Something has happened to his drawing this last year There used to be feeling and humanity in itbut now everything is distorted, intensified, alive with thin, cold, bitter life. Distortion, more abstract and experimental, leaning towards the Modernist tradition. (P23) One of his paintings, Main street is consumed by darkness, aligned w the darkness. The false fronts gradually retreat into the darkness. Bent low, Bentley. Feels no genuine connection with anyone around him, ultimately isolated, retreating from the darkness (figure bent low), or as the street lamp, consumed by darkness. (P12) while we talked began to draw our picturesexcept that he screwed Pauls face up a little. Shows irritation by screwing up Pauls face, shows his emotions, even petty jealousy. However, this is rare, and for the most part, he shows deeper and more tortured emotions. (P23) Yesterday he sketched a congregation as he seesit from the pulpit. Seven faces in the first row ugly, wretched faces, big-mouthed, mean-eyed alike, yet each with a sharp aggressive individuality the caricature of a pewmore in the second rowin the third Just as previous sketches show hypocrisy, this sketch also shows hypocrites in Horizon as being alike, shallow, superficial, stingy, just like the false fronts. (P105) Partridge Hill nobly represented (A trim, white, neat-gabled little schoolhouse), as noble and defiant in the face of true suffering drought, impoverishment, and death. Unlike town congregation, who focuses on appearances, Partridge Hill has true faith they have to, in the face of adversity.
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