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ENG353 Lecture 1

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University of Toronto St. George
Vikki Visvis

May 16th 2011 • What 1. Thematic criticism canadian 2. Terror of nature literature is but 3. Garrison Mentality from a certain -oppositional thinking methodology - • Conformity thematic criticsm • Colonial mentality • 1965, frye , • National identity not just important in term of categorizing lit. Beginnin 16th -18th 19th 20th gs but also thematic analysis Native ExplorationSocial satire National • Strangled literature journals romance and articulateness - the land doesn’t say much, silet protaganist Epistolary Documantary Realism fiction romance is something that frye and atwood Settler Sentimentalit Modern felt was typical of narrratives y experimentatio canadian literature n • Nature , a Social reform Post modernism melaglant force - frye , atwood Animal Reconstructing argues that sketchs history nature is a monster. Confederatio Multiculturalism • What n poets terrorizes with Women writers Canadian wilderness, space, Representation water, cold. s of historical • Space often fiction leaves you feeling insignificant , the Settler narratives - Susana moody, roughing it in the way you are bush - Catherine partrayal. Attitudes of mind they situated within in, bring to settlement. Politics of adaptation, reflected in frye and Atwood - their style of writing. Moody - infatuated with the very common ( will deal with in literary sublime. as for me and my house) • The mentality of an enclosed military fort , designed to keep threats out. A way of first developing communities. The treat is a huge physical setting Threats: • nature , need a garrison ; influenced the canadian imagination. Garrison used in canadas early settlements to keep threats out. Enemies and weather. Also a way of configuring the mind and imagination • Implicitly suggests combat - oppositional thinking ;garrison relies of oppositional thinking. A kind of binary oppositional mode of thought. • Defines canadian mentality - candian vs. american , french and English Canada, Native and anglo- canadian,britain a large influence. • Oppositional modes of thinking, but also conformity suggests a military precence where all think the same . • 1965 canadians had not yet produced a great literary tradition , believed canada had not had its renassiance. • When frye talks about conformity - impact of conformity on the imagination • Frye argues that it produces a dominating hurd mind where nothing original History of emily montigue - first canadian written novel can grow , letter writing , what constitutes candian fiction. • Frye a romantic critic -Emily is encouraged to marry for love, considered Imagination pretty controversial, doing something subversive , still • is imporatant in inately patriarchal. Novel is culted on sentimentality romantic and the ability to feel. literature • Francis brooks -influenced • Imaginiative • Haliburtun - social sattire , nova scotia , growth - if emphasized british heritage Canada is • Stephon leacock - sunshine sketches of a little conforming , then town, fiction was well renowned. this imagination • Documentary romance - mid nineteenth century , will not be works documenting historical events in a melodramatic triggered way. Major john Richardson , Wakusta. A criteria for The late 19th and early 20th century , started with • • a romantic poet epistilary fiction LM montgomery, follows romatic vs. a good writer. fiction. • Frye believed • Brought along feminism and suffrage. Sarah that Canada in Jeanette Duncan. " the imperialist" 1965 was yet to • Animal sketches - distinct form of prose have good developped in canada. literature • Realistic animal story - Charles GD roberts and • National thomas seaton. identity - believes that there is no canadian nation , pre-nation and post nation without ever havin
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