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The Double Hook ; Complete Notes

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Vikki Visvis

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Double HookOctober1811609 PMDouble Hook fear and gloryGreta unable to move past the paralyses of her mothers madness repeating her mothers mistakes p74 Gretas hatred and paralyses psychologically trapped by her mothers will and her memories of her past with her mother Fear still consuming even after committing murder to end it P3233 Greta as the source of fearRepetition and paralyses Repetitionparalyses James stuck in his mothers patterns of behaviour Other characters passivity and unwillingness to bring about change paralyses Apathycannot be bothered to changeFelix indifference to storm refusal to accept suffering StaticP2829Response to storm it meant nothingCup that Angel left with him when she left not touching the glass not cleaning not grieving or accepting the loss Claiming redemption without work emotional or otherwiseInsincere sense of redemption not willing to do the workNo emotional responses Theophil is the only one who is apart from the redemption of the others at the end of the novelPerpetually paralyzed asleepP105 p112 P2021 repetition of nothing Lenchen acts punished for it Ara Unable to change world emotionally fixed but sees the paralyses William world of daily chores routine Kip stuck in the world defined by Old LadyCoyote creating violence reinforces status quo of the wasteland even though he is acting CommunityDynamics empty meaningless static world Ostracised from world without cant make connections within itself to create a cohesive wholeA man cant peg himself in so tight that nothing can creep through thecracks Dont confuse chatter with bonds because it is not being heard Unity is feared and ignoredWe see breaks attempts to make connections Gretas yelling breaks up the community in the house shattering ties formed by concern P37 act of rejection Rebirth Redemption and getting beyond the wastelandModernist world of wasteland paralyzed individuals negative etc Prospect of rebirthNot a fatalistic modernist work not a quintessentialNew Section 1 Page 1
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