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 Genesis and genealogy excerpts  Belonging, grounding, sense of time vs skipping over to look for stories  Condensed stories of creation, language…  Disjointed, strange text explaining bits of information Jacob - Genesis 32:22-32  Jacob wrestles with God  Self-identity and issue of name, divine encounter -> dietary laws  Didactic stories, spiritual vs clear meaning mashup  Historical way of reading bible, background and using Greek/Hebrew words… doesn’t work here  Symbolic/figurative reading also doesn’t work because of all physical details  Passage frustrating both common methods of reading  Midrashic reading (Hebrew tradition) -> original passage, apparently random connection to other texts, commentators (rabbis) argue with each other on interpretation, ongoing discussion -> stops when lose energy, come back to initial verse  Text as starting point for ongoing discussion/argument  Being open to other disciplines and traditions Abraham’s Sacrifice of Isaac - Genesis 22:1-19  Kierkgaard – Attunem
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