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ENV422H1 Lecture Notes - Canadian Environmental Assessment Act, Traditional Knowledge

School of Environment
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Paul Muldoon

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“major federal work” EIS (environmental Impact Statement)
Standards Approvals Compliance
Environmental Assessment____________________________
1. What is being assessed? 1. Con EN. AA
2. What is the process 2. Ont EN AA
3. Who is involved
Canadian Environmental Assessment Act (federal)
An act at certain time require the government to do a study
Constant tension existed
Issue: whether people accept the decision according to their interests to things that are done in the
legitimate way
Project: defined as physical work building bridge, highway, sewer, dam etc.
Exclusion List Project Inclusion work
Trigger (is federal government involved?)
1. Federal Money
2. Federal government sponsor even though not funding
3. Federal property/ crown land
4. Federal Approval Law List
1. Section 35 Fisheries Act
1. Screening
2. Comprehensive Study
a. Comprehensive Study list (CSL)
Significant Environmental Effects (SEE)
1. Mediation
All parties get together, negotiation attempt to come to an agreement
2. Panel Review
Given to panel experts to review CEA Agency (Roster)
Administer of the environment will look at the process and decide what
questions they gonna study Terms of Reference
Public hearings (more informal, hopefully inclusive)
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