FAH483H1 Lecture Notes - Lecture 1: Painting Conservation, Collections Care

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23 Mar 2018

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FAH483: Introduction to Conservation
Lecture 1 January 11th
Conservation: means the preservation of cultural property through activities such
as research, examination, documentation, treatment and preventive care.
-Integral to the conservator’s duties is the understanding of an object’s
composition and fabrication.
-The conservator works with other cultural personnel such as curators,
historians, artists and adjunct collections care specialists to ensure a
responsible plan for the long-term care of the object or artwork.
Introduction to Conservation: aims to broaden students’ understanding of fine art
objects and materials by giving them a basic theoretical understanding of the
conservation profession, and the factors that must be taken into account in
preserving art and artifacts.
-Following two broad-based introductory lectures, the course will focus on
one or two artifact materials per week, discussing their identification,
manufacturing and fabrication technology; the causes of deterioration;
treatment issues involved in cleaning, repairing, and stabilizing artifacts; and
safe storage, handling and preventative environmental measures.
-Students will be encouraged to consider the ethical issues involved in
conservation treatments, and the ways in which conservation can impact the
meaning and history of an artifact.
- The perspective of the viewer within the context of a museum
environment will be discussed as it relates to the role of the conservator.
Course Topics
-Environment and Deterioration
-Technical Art History/ Materials and Techniques of Painting
-Conservation of Paintings & Murals
-Wood and Furniture
-Ceramics and Glass
-Looking at Objects
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find more resources at oneclass.com
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