FAH483H1 Lecture Notes - Lecture 3: Formaldehyde, Encaustic Painting

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23 Mar 2018

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FAH483: Introduction to Conservation
Lecture 3 January 18th
Technical Art History: Materials and Techniques
-Conservator, curators, and scientist
Technical Art History: a wide ranging advocate of art where we throw light on that
-Began in 19th century: Tech Art History
-Making of art has been excluded from the teaching of art
-Forbes: gave to each masters program (set of pigments) , and introduced ideas of
technical studies
-Art historians, scientists, and conservators
-Strass Center
-Technical Art History: is like a 3 legged stool
-Infrared , I-R imaging of paintings used to discover under paintings and relation to
-John Bealey-> teaching: advocating technical art history
3 Essential Steps to the Processes of Art History
#1 Deduction: Using observed fats
#2 Induction: test significant observations using scientific technology
#3 Abduction: rational observation
Case Example
-Anton Legasov
-Portrait of a Chinese Official
-1839 oil on canvas
-Curatorial and technical research in work : provenance of work
#1. Oil on paint , brought to overseas by artist
Canvas material was thin and brought over, such as a handkerchief cotton
There was observed human interaction with the piece in a tear
The tear was repaired with a paper lining - were Chinese repairs
#2. Pick one theory, Legasov painted in Western style, but incorporated Chinese
methods of conservation are now a part of the work
The pigments test half Western and half Chinese
Canvas was also Chinese, can be deduced from the way it was crafted and
#3. Shellac applied must likely be American not Chinese, meaning it could prepare
the tear
Paintings: Materials and Techniques
Overview: Paints will age-> paintings will deteriorate
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find more resources at oneclass.com
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