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Naturalism & Impressionism

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Corina Sandu

NATURALISM AND IMPRESSIONISMTHE THIRD REPUBLICthe Realist movement in art and poetry flourished during the period of the Second Empire 18521870the movement which followed the Naturalist movement represented a continuation and an accentuation of the Realist movement rather than a break with it as was the case with the movement from the Romantic to the Realist movementthe third Republic was the longestlasting of all of Frances political rgimes 65 years since the French Revolution in spite of its having been shaken by a number of crises and scandalsthe Panama scandal the Boulangist crisis the Dreyfus Affair and the bitterlyfought power struggle between Church and State particularly in the realm of educationNapolon III was taken prisoner after the battle of Sedan on September 2 1870 an interim government the government of national defense was put in place under the leadership of general Trochu Paris capitulated on January 28 1871 and on May 10 the Treaty ofFrancfort was signedin the election of July 2 1871 the republicans under the leadership of Adolphe Thiers a leftwing political thinker came to power in spite of a very real threat from the monarchist forcesless that two years later Thiers stepped down in favour of general MacMahon whose philosophy was far to the right of that of Thiersthe period of MacMahons presidency has been called the rgime of lordre moral or moral order that is a rgime whose emphasis was on respect for religious values and moralityMacMahon was seconded in his politics at this time by Albert de Broglie a duke and a descendant of one of the most powerful aristocratic families in Francewith MacMahon and de Broglie at the head of the government a return of the monarchy seemed a real possibility however the two royalist pretenders were unable to come to an understanding and so the Third Republic was definitively put in place on January 30 1875
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