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October 9-Population Growth conclusion.docx

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Joseph Leydon

October 9, 2012 Different Views on Population Growth conclusion Other considerations in Population policy - Is there a universal right to procreate? - Unmet need for family planning Why? How to meet the need? Problems Create demand for smaller families - child labour laws—theses laws can be counter productive - culture change – use of media The challenge of demographic momentum – what is demographic momentum?? TEST Reducing infant mortality—people tend to have more children be cause there is a chance that some of these children will die Government policy – pro/anti Population Control through Female empowerment Change in decision making process Female Empowerment and Education - correlation between illiteracy and births - education provides choice - education leads to empowerment Problem with the education agenda Costs, access Speed of change Impacts of family October 23, 2012 Population and Environment Stress Readings: 1) “Population, Human Resources, Health, and The Environment: Getting the Balance Right” 2) “Remember Rwanda” Assignment: Focus on data and the relationship. With economic development you have population stability. (decline in BR/DR) This stability is associated with social change. Economic development gives way to social well-being. How direct is this relationship. Is it linear? Are they comparable? Percentage
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