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Joseph Leydon

Issues in Population Geography October 9, 2012 Other considerations in Population Policy  We argue people have too many kids because it is their right and that is what they want to do; but there is a huge population that wants to restrict the number of kids they have but they can’t because they don’t have access to family planning [Unmet needs for family planning]  Create demand for smaller families: the reason why people have so many kids is because they are an economic resource; if you restrict labour activities for children, then family sizes should be reduced because children wont be economic assets o Child labour laws: child labour laws wont cover most child labour because most of it is done at home [labour within the family unit] which is hard to monitor o Culture change- use of media: some ideas that one way to change society and perspectives on family size is through things such as soap operas- reason being that in soap operas you are presented with successful families and families with resources  The challenge of demographic momentum: demographic momentum relates to the size of the reproductive [no real solution to this and will take lots of years for it to work through the cycle]  Reducing infant mortality: if there is a high infant mortality rate in the country women will have more kids because they know some may not live; the solution to this is to reduce infant mortality rate but it you cant provide family planning, how are you going to reduce infant mortality rate? So if you reduce IMR, you’re going to increase the population  Government policy: usually pick a side o Pro natalist: try and encourage high levels of fertility [ex. providing baby bonuses- money for childcare or daycare or education] o Anti natalist- try and prevent high levels of fertility Population Control through Female Empowerment  Change the decision making process  Female empowerment and education: give power to females within the family o Correlation between illiteracy and births: higher illiteracy=higher number of births o Education provides a choice: if you have an educated individual o Education leads to employment: this leads to confusement about w
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