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Geographies of Consumption

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Sarah Wakefield

GGR107 Lecture 10 Geographies of Consumption Slide with 3 pictures one is of a hutThe changing ways we are doing agriculture changes societiesRelationship of change from huntergathererpermanent homesfashionable mirrorsSlide with 3 pictures one is of an European homeIndustrial periodMore consumptionBigger homes constructedJewelleryBut some ppl still cant afford 4 pictures one is of boys playing videogamesModern dayLots of mass productionEven very low income ppl can afford consumer goodsCars clothes video games homesAffluent ppl purchase 1 outfit per year o Can be name brand but they wear the same thing for an entire year HowWill we have enough resources energy to support the lifestyle we are accustomed toInnovateddeveloped scientific understanding processes o Learning to do things differentlyInequalityAffluent consumers expense on backs of very poorAppropriation from rich to poorOnetimeonly energy bonus o Aluminum other resources o Need to recycle better o Will be significant increase of price for resources o Alternative energy will be necessary o Otherwise significant change in consumption will take place ConsumptionWe need to consume to live o Eat drink
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