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Damian Dupuy

March 20, 2013 Lecture: Last week cont’d  Contemporary planning issues o Urban dispersion and car dominance o Loss of sense of place  People don’t have connections with their neighbourhoods anymore  Neighbourhood becomes just a place you sleep o How do you continue development and keep a sense of place in a neighbourhood o Loss of environment  Plan to plan for sustainable neighbourhoods o Functional and social segregation o Tensions between developers and planners o Public participation  Often dominated by politically motivated by neighbourhood groups o Mistrust of government  People don’t differentiate between civil service and administration  Addressing the planning issues o New city form  New models of urban design  Called new urbanism and neo traditionalism  Associated with Andres Dunay and Elizabeth Plater-Zyberk  Argues that it is really dealing with the “loss if sense if place”  If you build a place where people want to live you have more social cohesion  Summed up as seeking a return to “traditional” forms of urban design  Characteristics and Criticisms o Characteristics  Sense of place of individual neighbourhoods  Emphasis in public space  Re-integration of uses, land and social o Criticisms  Disconnect between theory and execution  Sprawl will still exists at edges of urban area  ‘Faking’ a previous era  Modification required to design for regulatory reasons  Regent Park Plan o One of the oldest public housing communities in Canada o 69 acres bordered by Parliament, Shuter, Gerrard and River Street o Strong community but ‘cut-off’ from rest of Toronto  No sense of connection with the rest of Toronto o Rapid deterioration of buildings… and to some degree of social fabric o Revitalization will take place over 12 years o Existing 2087 units to be rebuilt in phases March 20, 2013 o Addition of 2500 market units (500 affordable ownership) o Creation of a mixed-income, mixed-use neigh
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