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Damian Dupuy

Lecture #5: Urban Form­ the internal Structure of Cities Urban Land Use Patterns • Urban environment is changing always o Systems of cities are never static o Land use is always changing- ie waterfronts now all condos which is different from pervious years • Variety of scales o Individual households  The changing of neighbourhoods  Ie St. Clair and Bathurst/Duffer in used to be the Jewish area in the 70’s. o Large scale infrastructure projects  Condos=massive buildings with little interaction between residence • Occurs though market forces and or government planning o Gov. decides where things will happen  Municipalities put out city plans to guide land use over time based on social, demographic change etc.  Toronto’s current plan allows max 6 story buildings around arterial streets- try to increase density along these roads. More people=more demand for business=more money spent! • Theories/models help out understanding o Help understand patterns of land use in urban areas Morphogenesis • Analysis of town plan over periods of history to understand how urbanization has evolved • 1960’s work of Michael Conzen • Landscapes divided in 3 elements 1. Town plan (street layouts) most resistant to change • Street shape doesn’t change, area around it does 2. Building form-slow to change 3. Land-use-most susceptible to change Human Ecology • Influence by Chicago school of ecology in 1920’s • Applying sociological theories with theories of ecosystems • Ecological theories applied to land use o Competition  For land and space. Many actives want the same space o Invasion  Derived parts of the cities by certain activities- ie shift from commercial to residential o Succession  One use exceeds others
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