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Deborah Leslie

Lec 1 Econ Geography Intro January-06-14 1:05 PM Introduction to GGR221 "New Economic Spaces" Office Hours: Tuesday 1-3pm Tutorials: - Only one or two - Help with assignment Course reader: - Uoft bookstore Themes: - Major shifts affecting the Canadian economy - Understanding changes in economy 1) Primary sector 2) Secondary Sector 3) Tertiary sector (rise of service sector) 4) Financial services (shifts in governance) Midterm: February 10, 2014, in the regular classroom - Short answers with choice - Definition - No Multiple choice Final exam: long essay questions - With choice Assignment / Essay: March 31 (due in class) - Tracing manufacture product through all the stages - Where it was designed - How it was designed - How important it was to develop this product - Where it was manufactured ○ Locally or internationally? - Why it was located in a particular place - How product was branded - Any incongruencies - How it is consumed - Ethical and fairtrade (labor, environment, process, humanitarian..etc) - Research academic or secondary non-academic (newspapers, magazines..etc) - e.g. Canada Goose jackets, Rolex watch, AK47 rifle, - *pick something that has a story, contradictions, controversies, labor practices… - Commodity that is produced - *Don't pick something ordinary ; pick something interesting - Avoid coffee beans - Pick a product with some sort of manufacturing process What is economic geography? - Location of diff types of economic activities, the economies of particular regions, and economic relationships between places - Focus: uneven development - Inequality nature of development - Relationship between places as a result of patterns of location - Karl Andree quote - Geographers are concerned with: where goods and services are produced and under what conditions? - How processes are changing - How is it that a good produced in one place endds up at another? By what means? ○ Looking at flow of products New information, technologies, Lectures Page 1 ○ New information, technologies, - Who buys goods? - How has the production of goods and services evolved over time? - What is the appropriate role of government? ○ Economy + politics - What, who, how, where, why and so what? - What are implications for people? workers? communities? consumers? environments? social justice? - Economic geography : ○ Distinct from economics - less abstract and generalizing ○ Geography matters! ("location, location, location"!)  Significant to the well-being and success ○ Paul Krugman, economist (NY times) - wrote about the importance and significance of geography in economics a) Transportation costs encourage manufacturers to locate close to other manufacturers - Natural tendency to cluster to save on transportation costs b) Makes region attractive to workers - Job opportunity - Employee buying a good produced locally, own transportation cost is reduced c) Draws other manufacturers to be close to market - Reduced transportation increases profit d) Manufacturing concentrates in core area and supplies periphery - cumulative causation - Gap between poor and rich grow - Growth feeding more growth ( cumulative causatio)* - Central geographical concepts (Coe, Kelly and Yeung, 2013) a) Location and distance - Fixed point on a grid/set coordinates - Absolute location (latitude and longitude) - Relative location (relationship BETWEEN places on a grid; how long it takes to go from Point A to B. costs involved) • How long, how much (cost) • Advances in telecommunication and technology has led to - "time-space compression" b) Territory - National state controls economic activity, and people and flows of money within the region c) Place - A space that has been endowed with meaning (culture and society) - e.g. work place, particular store, country, etc.. - Space = like an empty
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