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Lecture 12

lecture 12

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Joseph Laydon

Lecture 12 - Dec 6 - Struggles over land/ Final Exam review Slide 1 - Key points from the previous class -All of which represented tremendeous ability of excution of 20 century - it went power of enginering with modern archictecture - it was moment of automic bombs which leads to change in living - the idea of gun belt - emerging industrial landscapes of the south and west of america - Slide 2 - LEcture outline 1) Targeting modernity : Social Movements (scientist that realised the effects of theAtomic bombs) 2) The People’s Land 3)APost-NorthAmerican Landscape? 4)Areminder: Three consequences of Modernity 5) Final Exam Review - all of these movements were struglles over geography- the segregatted places that civil rights targeted - the wilderness - that environmentlist are motivated to protect - which are geographical feautures Slide 3 - Social Movements: One Definiton (check slide for long definiton) Social movements are organized efforts outside formal state or economic spheres, organized around either groups (e.g. the working class) or goals (e.g. access to health care). They are aimed at bringing about particular changes in a social order, or, in some cases, preserving a threatened order. - organization that are beyond the state - a group that is powerful that is commited to one goal - groups that are connect with other groups - which creats a trans-national connection Slide 4 - The counterculture -Anti-war deminsion - (love, peace) - participating in mass society - resisting the consumerism Slide 5 - Environmentalism - early environmentalist in 1960-1970s - wilderness preservation - (protection of certain geographic regions and locations) - provided a clear agenda for some of these cultural-enviromental activists - Rachel Carson - wrote Silent Spring - that is very important writing that has been crucial for environmentalist that provided good information and so on. - Green Peace - was not only Canadian - but very much a product of cold war - small team of activist to bare witness of the underground test - it was the era of media attention that helped activists - 20 years after Green peace was founded it had millions of members Slide 6 - Neighbourhood activism - - The death and - targeting a particualr geographic phenomena - swifting - against the transofmaton of environment into paved roads and buildings - these process which made activist and people speak out about it Slide 7 - 36 high-rises and a freeway : Failed Plans for Urban Renewal in Vancouver - herritage activist, academics , - different coalitions coming together as social activist - who won - but what was achieve was neighbourhood and heritage buildings - trees, statues, and revitalization - which created a livable city in 1970s - Slide 8 - Indigenous Rights: American Indian Movement (AIM) occupiers at Wounded Knee -AIM was very much inspirted by civil rights and black movements - very quickly when they occupied the village it was sorrounded by FBI and US security - their actions were spoken in media that gained a lot of popularity - there was a massacre and tradegy that occurred at Wounded Knee - by claiming this sight - this occupiers sought to raise awareness - They fought for more treaty rights and questioned soverighnty rights - Two people died and it came to a peacefull end to this activism Slide 9 - Mohawk, Military and the Media: The OKAcrisis, Quebec - 1990 - Oka - facinating event in candian history - because of the confrontation of military equality - both sides used media for portraying their sides - struggles over geography and different interpretation of the place - what should be doen with this geography Slide 10 - Changes in the North since - 1945 - (check slide for the quotes) - not claiming control or ownership to these land , leaves it vulnurable Slide 11 - The people’s land : nunavut territory (1999 - 20% of Canada) - there is a measure of security that was built in the Nunavut agreement for Inuit people - a small self-government establishment - with the arrival of Nunavut - this place - this geography of the north - can be fully descried by the people to the the rest of the world - its fuller of stories and voices that were there all along - but hadnt been heart by the south - Now that they have gained their independence - you are givent the oppurtunity to represent and presnet the North in your own TERMS - which is a huge change Slide 12
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