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Lecture 13

lecture 13

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Joseph Laydon

Nov 22 Lecture 10 Modernist Landscapes Key Themes 1features that they sharehow we can trace them 2different land uses within a city4 types of suburbs in Canada 3maids were like slave machines 4agoraphobia fear of public space marketplacerefusing to work movetherefore its better to stay homeempire of home for womenbusy oneself by being preoccupied with obtaining objects for the homeremove themselves from the workplace 5bridge bw domestic sphere home with marketgoing out to buy things to fill your home Lecture OutlineNew YorkChicago th115 Century to present 4progressivechallenging norms Modernism a movement in the arts th 19 century production took another leveldestruction of landscapeTime of tremendous changedisorientationfearModernity differs from modernismModernismcultural expressionEach arena of modernism was diff o Future oriented o Other modernists critiqued those around them o Modernists push things forward and also as Qs abt change The Chicago School st Chicago contains some of worlds 1 skyscrapersFire burnt down city Great Fire of 1871led to building boomIn the south there was horizontal change Union Stock Yards Union Stock YardsEarned nickname for Chicago butcher of the world
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