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Ingrid L.Stefanovic

th Sept 14 2009 3 themes major themes st 1 = america is an empire outside of its boundaries(how was america created as a nation, immigration,settlement,the making of the empire) 2 =the development of regions (how did cities come to be booming cities, how do places like Chicago, Pittsburgh change to go down the tubes, while places in the south and the west have grown enormously, has to do with the internal structure of the united states 3 =race, class and ethnicity in the american metropolis(look at how race class and ethnicity are played out in the geography of the contemporary cities, segregation, the formation of the ghetto, inner cities, riots etc www.geog.utoronto.capeoplefacultylewishomeGGR254 American Exceptionalism 1. Key ideas of exceptional 2. Key moments of exceptionalism 3. But is this the case? 1. What is exceptional= belieft that the US is exceptional-uniquewhat is good for america is good for the world The united states differs from Europe because its not aristocratic, third world because its booming There is something surperior about american society It is because of that superiority it has the responsibility and duty to spread freedom and democracy across the world i.e. Iraqpost-war Europe Manifest destiny(god given right and duty to spread across the world)=America should spread out territorially across both the continent and overseas By the end of the 19 century all the land of america had been taken over To do this they use many
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