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th30 Jan 2012GER150H Lecture 4A filmKuhle Wampe or Who Owns the Worldtheater production in GermanyBig difference between funding in other places and GermanyReally need to know history to know Germany todayThe funding has to do with german historyImpact of federalism for the arts Dukedoms etc funded the arts and had the arts playing for themIn germany therefore there was a diverse theater landscapeOften dependent on people who watched theater who paid entry feePleasing the audienceWhile in Germany funded by public hand Developed a particular culturalGermany today youd be surprised how avant garde eg putting ten naked people on the stage and provocative the theaters are Ie there were unconventional productions In germany still had to please crowds but felt safe because of the public funding Audience continued to go because they had subscriptionsthCultural clubs in 19 century theyd give you cheap seasonal ticketsTherefore developed a personal close relationship with the theater eg recognize particular actors who are still acting in their rather old ageBecause of public funding these actors had stable careers Directors and actors would keep the same stage for a long timeGermans see theater as something not commercial unlike USTheater has provocative aspect with society eg criticizing the societyEg the theater could be very left wingHas seven times the funding compared to the USFor 12 Euros back seat priceHas to do with this tradition of public fundingIn terms of acting the effect is that the actors dont need to please the audience as much as US audience No need to be so entertainingA different acting styleAlthough theater has this provocative relationship with the audience you should not
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