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April 2 - German Food/Review April-02-12 1:04 PM German Food • Like most things German, German food is very regional. • Farmers markets prevalent • Most food local in summer/winter imported from Spain/Italy. • Organic trend catching on, especially in s/e Germany, where land segments are smaller. While in Northern Germany the land areas are larger, leading to industrial farming • Genetically Modified Food less prevalent in Germany than North America • Smaller, specialized, family-run food stores (butcher, baker) Common German Food Items • Potato (introduced late, one of the last countries to use it as food. In 1744 Prussian King Frederick the Greatdistributed seeds and mandated the growth of potatoes. • Sauerkraut (imported from Austria in 13th century) grown, grated, fermented • Coffee comes to Germany late, after the Battle of Vienna. Fred the Great banned it, thinking it would become a social problem. Anti-coffee/turks song by Gottlieb Hering in 1766. • • Cake - paired with coffee, especially on Sundays • Beer - started in the medieval ages, in monasteries. Considered originally a food item, because of the danger of drinking water. The boiling process of beer made it drinkable, and even children consumed it. Lower ABV. Wurst (Sausage) - white sausage mostly eaten in Bavaria. Bavarian source of • identiy • Eel - popular coastal northern food. Eaten with dark bread. • Cheese - in Southern mountainous regions • Wine - primarily in south. Increase in local wine due to regionalism. Large Spa culture in Germany. Spa treatments covered by universal healthcare. REVIEW • Q: 3 features of Brechtian theatre • A: Minimal Staging, Audience involvement, Engagement rather than identification
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