Urban Planning and Policy II

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25 Mar 2011
March 23, 2011
Planning in Canada
-emerged in the 19th and 20th centuries
-urban reform in the early 20th century influenced by Garden City movement
-first decade of the 20th century-planning schemes for Canadian cities
-1920s-emergence of zoning by-laws
Planning in Canada II
-community planning activities-from the 1950s
-planning departments established within government bureaucracy
-new suburbs developed e.g. Don Mills drew on the Garden Cities concept
-since the 1960s, key characteristics of Canadian planning is public participation (town hall
meetings, city notice, information sessions)
-planning was under attack in the 1990s (due to neo-liberalism, planning process and role of the
planner has been under attack across Canada)
Context for Urban Planning in Canada
-laws and regulations at national, provincial and municipal levels
-example: bylaws, rules and regulations
-cities act under provincial legislation
-highly contentious
-planning issues and elections
-developers and politicians
-land-use and economic development
-cultural influences
-social structure of urban areas
-organizational structure of local government (left wing and right wing opinions within the
-innovative planning tools
Contemporary Planning Issues
-Urban dispersion and car dominance (cities being linked through highways)
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