GGR254H1 Lecture Notes - Gentrification, Deindustrialization

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Published on 14 Apr 2014
What is suburbanization and who were the key agents behind suburban
development in postwar metropolitan America?
Tysons Corner
Postwar suburbanization
Suburbs and the big builders
Tysons Corner
Quite rural area with a smattering of farms
13 miles from Washington DC
Centered around a country road interchange (Tysons Corner)
Forest/farmland type of landscape
This quite space was then transformed to one of the most important suburban
“edge cities” in America
There was a mass-scale suburban building
1962: Approval for the building of a huge shopping center
1963: approval of Routes 7 and 123 Interchange
Internet Ally
oHome to one of the country’s largest collections of high-tech firms
o2007: 1,200 high firms serve the DoD and other customers
o34 million square feet of office, industrial, retail and hotel space
o$8 billion plan to ‘urbanize the alley between 2010-2030
Social Composition in 2010:
oWhite: heavily white, but small range of other groups, also high % of
Asians, but now % of blacks and Hispanics
oWealthy: median family income is $140,000
oExpensive homes: median house value is 514,000$
oEducated: 73% have bachelors degree or higher
What does this tell us about the suburbs?
oNew and most important centers of economic and population growth
oRole of political, business and property interests in producing urban
oIn the postwar period, suburbs such as Tysons Corner have driven
American population and economic growth.
oBy 2013, they account for more than half of the country’s population and
economic business
Long history
oSuburbanization has a long history
oAlthough since the end of WWII it has occurred at a faster scale
oProcess of spatial de-concentration of population, transportation and
economic functions from central cities to outlying and adjacent areas
Demand for new residential units
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